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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Mortiroloboy, 14 Jun 2008.

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    From the college of knowledge, it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, the course was a pilot for specific beat officer training, the 10 of us were already 'in-post' beat officers, our purpose was to formulate the style and content for newbies, so it was actually quite satisfying to have someone from training listen to operational officers, with the express intention of delivering a tailored training package, which I have been able to influence and shape.:blush:

    And as a bonus...on day one doing the ice breaker, the usual banter, I discovered a fellow cyclist, so every evening after class and before our evening meal, (the food had improved no end) since my last residential course, we went out and cycled round virtually traffic free, well maintained roads.:biggrin: So I got a bonus 85 miles in:becool:

    The accommodation was still crap though.:?: However, my expenses are going in on monday, so I'll be £80 towards my Campy groupset fund, which is looking very good at the moment, plus my eBay listings end tomorrow and I've already sold my FD2200 shifters, if the current bidder wins, I'll be sending them to...Estonia! Astana are struggling with equipment supply then?!;);)
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