I'm back.......

Hi all hope you are all well, after my heart scare the Dr's have finally found out just what is up with me and can start to rectify the problem, I have been told I can do some moderate cycling but I am definately out of this years TdF so to celebrate I have only gone and bought another bike, but this time I wont be changing everything, I will wait until something wears out or breaks before any upgrades.....anyway heres my new steed, I am sure I ordered the 2014 model, but the paint scheme says its 2015 I think, anyone know if this is the 2015 model?

And it appears I have forgotten how to post pics haha


Very nice bike ,I like black with a tinge of red and vice versa..
dont know what you had wrong but glad yur moving in thr right direction Bud


That's nice. And welcome back.
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