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I'm going to change the attitude towards us...

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by pplpilot, 17 Jul 2017.

  1. pplpilot

    pplpilot Veteran

    So due to a change in company policy I can no longer choose the car (within reason) of my choice I am given the choice of either a BMW 3 series or 5 series. Today I picked up my shiny new 3 series. I've done nothing but be courteous to other road users, I've given way to people, I've not tail gated and I've even used my indicators. I'm determined to single handed change that perception of BMW drivers. So if you get waved through, given plenty of room, given lots of indication of intentions give the driver a cheerie wave It is very likely to be me... It's the least I can do...:hugs:
  2. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Über Member

    North Yorkshire
    I have a 5 series and am the most courteous driver ever. @pplpilot together we can change peoples opinions.
  3. simon.r

    simon.r Person

    I tried to alter the perception of Audi drivers when I had an A5 for a couple of years - it didn't work.

    Good luck trying though.
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  4. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    You wait till you get your first bill
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  5. Mrs M

    Mrs M Veteran

    Mr m has just ordered an Audi :ohmy:
    He is a very courteous, safe driver and a cyclist too :smile:
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  6. Mister Paul

    Mister Paul Legendary Member

    Whatever you do, don't go to sleep tonight.
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  7. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Staff Member

    Would be better if all of you got a workie's van, they are the worst :laugh:
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  8. Shut Up Legs

    Shut Up Legs Down Under Member

    Of course if that really worked, it would only take a few courteous cyclists to improve the image of all cyclists. Except that doesn't work, does it? :rolleyes:
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  9. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

    I don't really trust you any more now I know you drive a BMW.
  10. I have a bmw and drive very courteously. Ironically I cycle like a absolute peanut.
  11. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    I have a Dacia and drive it like a complete twat so that people think it's a BMW.....
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  12. Alan Frame

    Alan Frame Gnu

    Lost In Space
    My 27 year old Audi makes me nothing but friends.
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  13. Lonestar

    Lonestar Rat Run Cyclist

    CS 2 and CS 3
    You won me when you said you'd used your indicators.(properly?):wub:.
  14. BMWs are great. Buying one entitles you to around an extra million parking spaces....
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  15. Dan B

    Dan B Señor Member

    I often see BMW indicators in use. Usually all four of them at once, to indicate "I don't think parking restrictions should apply ro me"