I'm in Glasgow

...staying by the SECC. And I have to say that I'm impressed with the number of cyclists. Not just the heel-pedallers, but the number of cyclists who are clearly committed to using their bikes as regular transport.

I even came out of the Science Centre last night at 1130 to be passed by a woman on her bike. With lights!

Newcastle was similar when I was there a few weeks ago. It puts Birmingham to shame.

Things have improved significantly over the last few years with respect to the number of cyclists. I never used to see any on my commute, now I always see quite a few and often have quick chats (compared my Racelight to another riders slightly newer Racelight this morning!).

How long are you in Glasgow? make sure you get away from the area around the SECC, not much there and into the centre and the West End. For 'eats' head to either the West End or the Merchant city (just South East of George Square).
That's a shame. The SECC whilst being good from the practicalities of conferences etc, is a bit cut off from the rest of Glasgow. Anyone who comes in and just sees the SECC and surrounds misses out. Now you've had your wee taster, you'll have to make the effort to pop back up! :becool:


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I cycle around 11 miles everyday to the West End of Glasgow and I'm lucky if I see one other cyclist. On the way home I sometimes notice a few close to the West End but other than that I pretty much see no one. I was down in Bristol last week and I thought there seemed way more cyclists - could just be where my hotel was located as it was close to the station though.


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Just a newbie comment. Welcome to the " Deer Green Place" and home to the next Commonwealth Games. If you enjoy a curry then you will soon feel at home at the Restaurant -- Indian (Ashoka) or Mexican - (Nandoes), Italian -(Frankie & Bennies) or just a Movie (Odeon) or a bet at the Casino. Either way you are just a few hundred yards of the above, enjoy your stay:smile:
bromptonfb said:
i'll be in glasgow on tuesday getting a speed drive fitted at kinectics. plan on having a look round and catching last train home

Ah yes, I cycle past Kinetics on my commute. From there you could do the Magnatom tour, i.e. see the sights where the videos come from....or you could have fun instead! :smile:

I'll be in Cambridge next week though.
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