I'm loving the olympics already...

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Twizit, 25 Jul 2012.

  1. Twizit

    Twizit CS8 lead out specialist

    ...haven't started yet but clearly the opening of the Olympic lanes has put off many a driver being on the roads at all. North embankment from Chelsea down to Lambeth Bridge was all but empty this morning :biggrin: Not bad considering there aren't really any Olympics Lanes down there anyway (apart from the Millbank stretch which was open to all cars today anyway).

    Here's hoping for another two weeks of commuting bliss :whistle:
  2. Markymark

    Markymark Guest

    Near Russell Square is much quieter than normal - has been like a Sunday all week.
    On Southampton Row the Olympic lane runs along side a recenetly scrubbed over bus lane yet this morning, no cars seemed to trust it and were driving in the Olympic lane.
  3. Flyingfox

    Flyingfox Senior Member

    SE London
    Going home last night and coming in this morning I set record times for my commute to/from Lewisham. Very little traffic and green lights all the way down The Embankment, almost a cyclists paradise!
    I did notice they have blocked off Queen Street on the City side of Southwark Bridge though - a major route for cyclists coming in from Sarf London!
  4. MichaelO

    MichaelO Über Member

    Merstham, Surrey
    I came in that way this morning (followed the CS7 to Southwark bridge, rather than Elephant & Castle/London Bridge way), and there was a gap in the cones. I went through with a cop van sat there (as did another 20 or so cyclists), so fine this morning.

    I had to be in for an 8.30am meeting this morning, so left early - very pleasant ride in - roads were deserted!
  5. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    It's end of school term as well.
  6. Miquel In De Rain

    Miquel In De Rain No Longer Posting

    Im dreading it.
  7. thefollen

    thefollen Über Member

    Balham/Tooting Bec
    Whether it's the warmer weather or the Olympics, I've found, the London roads to have a very slight increase in the feeling of 'mania'. I travel from the Tooting Bec Common up to between Cov Garden & Holborn.

    Notice they've covered up the cycle signs along the CS8 (?)- possibly to encourage traffic to use them. No traffic was using them.

    Lots more cyclists also, especially wobbly ones. Noticed quite a few older gents (older than me anyhows (thefollen = 31)), couple of which amusingly liked impatiently barging past me to the front when stopped at lights, or try the overtake when I'm clipping in.

    Personally I just relax, smile, cycle smoothly, safely, give a bit more leeway to traffic/other cylists and (when the roads allow) accelerate away from the pack as I mutter whatever tune happens to be caught in my head :smile:.
  8. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    Cycling in this heat is fine,but i'm turning up at customers a little warm & sweaty :smile:
    I'm being scalped and taking lots of scalps with my laptop/rucksack. Wish i had a sticker that said my other bike is a roadie !

    I'm enjoying my new commuter from Paddington,thought i would do it just for the lympics and jump straight back to my car. Last night i told the Mrs that this train/cycling around London is a revelation to me and i intend to carry on using the bike. It's cheaper quicker and a lot more fun :smile:
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  9. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    My first rain commute. Out with the rain trousers and on. Flick the hood up and i was away!
    Look at me enjoying the wet weather,continually suprised that i'm having so much fun :smile:
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