I'm not buying that.


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This is the moment a tiny great-gran wrestled with a six-foot-tall thug who came into an antiques shop and tried to sell her a stolen £1,200 bike for £150.

Supergran Mari Parker, 72, knew the bike had been stolen having read about its theft on Facebook and refused to let the thief leave the store with it.

However, the un-named male in his 20s returned half an hour later and tried to take the bike back by force.
CCTV footage shows five foot three inches tall Mari in a minute long tug-of-war with the thug outside the shop as she hung on to the bike frame for dear life.

The hooded thief can been seen violently pulling at the bike and even trying to mount it to cycle away but his efforts were thwarted by the determined OAP.



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I thought it might be our very own Mo, but then I read the story and realised the woman was about 12 inches too tall to be Mo... :rolleyes:

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6foot thug? He’s barely taller than her and as thin as a rake.
good effort from the lady but he wasn’t Mike Tyson.
Don't believe anything you read in the papers. Tommy Robinson was supposedly beaten-up by a 70-year-old while he was in Belmarsh, even though he was in solitary confinement for his entire stay.


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Corageous thing to do, well done. Shame he didn't get his hands chopped off in the struggle
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