I'm off on my first tour tomorrow


Bionic Subsonic
... and straight into the wind and rain :smile:

I'm really looking forward to it. There's 4 of us and were doing the Hadrian's Cycleway. Non of us have ever toured before and although we're wimping out and staying in B&Bs we're all excited :sad:


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Have a great time, hope you get a following wind.

I have ridden the Carlisle/Ravenglass portion and it was good.
Fish and chips in the shop/cafe at Silloth were a bonus at the end of a day.


Bionic Subsonic
Hi and thanks for the encouragement. I'm sure we're going to have fun :smile: and thanks for the tip about the fish & chips in Silloth julk, that's the end of day one for us.

Right everything is packed, all the contact details are sorted and the bikes in the best order I can get it. Now to see what this touring thing is about :biggrin:
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