I'm too young for this surely?

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by Cubist, 19 Jul 2012.

  1. Cubist

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    Ovver 'thill
    About a year ago I started to get the odd twinge in my right hip. I put it down to strains and aches and pains etc, but in the last few months it's got steadily worse. Back in May/June I noticed that I was sometimes struggling to swing my leg over the bike. Three weeks ago I went on a camping weekend. I slept on a sleep mat rather than an airbed, and couldn't get to sleep as I was so uncomfortable. Since then the pain in my hip has got steadily worse, so much so that I have hardly been on any of the bikes, and it got so bad that I decided to see the GP. He sent me for an X ray, having warned me it was probably arthritis. That was a week ago, and today I have been back for the X ray results. I have what the GP described as "moderate degeneration" of my hip. He has referred me to a specialist and I've got an appointment for a fortnight's time. In the meantime I've fallen out with codeine (too stoned at work!!!!!!) and so I'm now on tramadol.

    On Tuesday evening I decided I'd have to see what it was like on the bike, so a quick 5 mile jaunt up to Buckstones and back. No pain at all whilst actually cycling, but when I go to the top of the climb I discovered I couldn't actually swing my leg over! When I got home I had to lay my bike down on the floor to get off it. Not ideal!

    So, any other hip sufferers out there? I'm 48, so don't want necessarily to have it replaced just yet. With any luck it may respond to one or two other procedures (he's mentioned steroid injections and arthroscopy as potential solutions before replacement)

    It'll be interesting to see whether the tramadol can get the pain down enough for me to brave any rough stuff in the near future!!!!!
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    Greater Manchester
    I also have a hip problem, probably arthritis mostly in the left hip, that causes me pain when moving it in certain positions. Fortunately the painful positions are ones that I can avoid in day to day life and only catch me out in bed.

    I am a bit younger then you but have had the same hip problem since I was in my 20's. I look after it as best as I can to reduce the risk of it getting significantly worse.

    Due to my ruptured achillies tendon in my left leg I am now starting to problems in my right hip. The extra asymmetric loading is the main problem as it gets the sore spots very easily.

    I was told by the doctors back then that even children can get arthritis and that isn't always age related.
  3. Berties

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    my mate had both his done at 30 due to the drugs he had when he had testicular cancer,he had a marrow transplant first to save the joint but no avail,so he had the ops and got it sorted now bounces around after his 1 year old boy,he's as fit as a flea
  4. subaqua

    subaqua What’s the point

    too stoned on Codeine but now on Tramadol !!

    I had opposite effect .

    I take cod liver oil supplements and it seems to keep niggles at the level they have been at for a bout 10 yrs. YMMV
  5. Eh, I've heard this mentioned a couple of times, that chemotherapy has a long-term detrimental effect on the bones and or joints - and I do get twinges from time to time if I've been sat cross legged for too long for instance, but no-one in the health industry has ever mentioned it to me.

    Needs more research.....
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    I've got hip issues, had some keyhole surgery on my left hip 7 weeks ago. I had a cam hip impingement (femoral acetabular impingement) which is quite common but rarely diagnosed until it has caused significant joint damage. My issues presented as repeated groin strains.

    I had some bone shaved from the top of my femur to remove the impingement to give me full range of movement again and hopefully less pain. I also had some loose surface lining within the hip socket 'tidied up' . The added benefit is that it may slow or stop early onset arthritis but this is not yet proven.

    I'm 39 so who knows, you might have been living with something for a good few years which has caused damage which now needs to be treated.

    Cam impingements are common in men, women tend to get a pincer impingement.

    Best of luck with it.
  7. middleagecyclist

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    My Dad's had three hip replacements over the last fifteen yrs (one got infected and had to be replaced). He's 64 now. I keep waiting for my first twinges but nothing yet! I really hope the meds/arthoscopy work for you but don't be afraid of getting a replacement when you need it. It's the best thing my Dad did as it gave him back his mobility and sleep.
  8. No joint problems for me, touches wood though as my Mum has had both hips done and my Dad's had one knee fettled.

    As for me, I'm waiting for an appointment to get a hearing aid, and I know "I'm too young for this surely"...............I'm 39 :wacko:

    Hope the meds/treatments work and your feeling better real soon :thumbsup:
  9. OP

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    Yep. 30mg codeine didn't take enough off the pain, so I took a couple, and then another two four/five hours later. It still hurt like a bastard but I felt sick and dizzy as well as a bit dozy. Today I took a single tramadol and within half an hour was more comfortable than I have felt for the last three weeks.

    Someone else has suggested cod liver oil so I may well give it a try.
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