IMBA Trans-Cambria Solo over three days.

Discussion in 'Mountain Biking, Trials and BMX' started by GrumpyGregry, 17 Aug 2012.

  1. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    Off to Cwmbelan near Llanidloes tomorrow with the lovely Helen and the mountain bike. Her late dad grew up there and she still has family in the village and town and she is part owner of her dad's parents home.

    She's given me a pass to do the Trans-Cambria over any three days while we are there. And she's going to do the drop off, and if need be pick up each riding day. Day two, Rhayader to Llangurig (highest village in Wales and where her late father is buried) looks a biggie. We've got to come back Thursday night as we are going to Reading to see The Cure play on Friday so I'll simply have to commit to doing it in a three day hit I think.

    Will be staying up late tonight plotting the paper maps onto the GPS.

    Wish me luck.
  2. lukesdad

    lukesdad Guest

    Good luck Greg ^_^ You'll need it weather has been attrocious here all week, hope youve packed your mud pluggers.
  3. OP

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    Haven't taken the mud tyres off yet this year!
  4. RecordAceFromNew

    RecordAceFromNew Swinging Member

    West London
    Good luck Greg! At worst it will help your hair grow...
  5. OP

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    A brief report....

    Day one, dry, cloudy but warm. Grass. Lots of very wet grass, on a steep hillside. Pushing. Sweating. Lots of boggy ground, knee deep wading. mud tyres worth every penny. It's been a wet summer in Wales.A detour to the resting place of the last Welsh Prince. A climb out of a long valley. A downhill. a curry.

    Day two, dry, sunny, hot. Lakes. Lots of lakes, a detour, too many lakes, damn. A back track, a gorgeous green lane except it was stony not green. A zig zag. Another dam(n) another lake. Lonely on the roof. A lovely farmer. A pint of milk, not related. "i've always wanted to ride that". Never again. My oh my we're high. The Lluest! I'm at the Lluest. Windmills. Whoosh! The Blue Bell. Saddle falls off. The pint. the pie.

    Day three, showers, cooler. A lane, a track, some sheep, a collision, lying in the wet grass wondering. A stony path, a climb, a fire road. Hafren Forest. Hafren Forded; a round of applause from a family impressed. Another lake (Clwyedog) Nine miles to Llani in both directions. Stay little. A lane, a climb, bare rock. The Star in the distance. Gorge-ous Dylife. The climb, the gorge, the cliff, the terror. The walk. The scramble. the bank, the sheep, the squelch, the other lake (Glaslyn) the escarpment, the warning on the map, the path-cum-streambed, the lock back wheel, the slidding down, the cramping hands, the pause for breath, the regroup, the crash, the slide along the stream bed, the soaked golves and shorts and missing skin, the small cleft, the scamble, the green lane, the plummet, the gates, the road repairers, the thick granite chippings, the riding on a beach, the climb, the ford. The dab, the wet foot. The rest. The stream. The choie, the road, the speed, the roar of tyres, the startled cyclist, the sign, the suicidal sheep, the tea, the bara brith, the chips

    The job done.
  6. OP

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    Three days of huge HUGE fun. Some quite tricky technical terrain on day three some of which was beyond my ability/appetite to ride. 99% could be done on a rigid mtb or CX-er, 90% could be done lightly loaded.

    But it would be more fun in company, than riding solo - I saw seven other people in three days riding - so next time (oh yes there will be a next time as this was a recce for a group ride) there will be company.
  7. lukesdad

    lukesdad Guest

    Sounds great Greg, Now you see what I mean about suicide sheep ! ^_^
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