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Walton on Thames
Having taken delivery of my bike about 3 weeks ago, I have been heading out 3/4 times a week. First week 10km seemed a long way but on this Sunday managed 35km (without stopping!!) so my stamina is improving however on all the runs I have done, flat, hilly or in between my average speed is always between 23 - 25km an hour, even allowing for short burst of 50kph downhill on some runs. How do I improve my speed, I cycle solo at the moment as I don't think I'm yet up to joining a club in terms of speed or distance. I'm hoping to do a 50km ride this weekend or would I be better staying at the 35km distance and working on the speed before uping the km. I work in metric to it sounds further and faster;)


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Beside the road
Most clubs have rides at various levels / distances. Contact them and see what they've got to offer.

If you keep increasing the distance then you'll naturally get quicker as you get fitter.
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