In praise of DCR

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A few months ago I noticed the wear indicator on my rear wheel had disappeared. As the front was still there, I presumed I could do a few more km and wait til spring to treat myself to a new wheelset.

Not bad for 9 years I surmised, original Bonty on my first road bike. And thought, I must have used the rear brake much, much more when I first rode the bike than I do now!

As the lovely Riccardo was no longer building wheels, I turned to DCR who have received good reports form various CC members. After emails were pinged back and forth discussing needs, wants, usage etc, these are what I've ended up with:
DCR New Wheels.JPG

First thoughts are they look good, apart from the horrible xr240 decals on the rims. To be removed shortly. Second thoughts after a 50km ride at the weekend was they are superb. Liking the hubs and the sound of the freewheel is almost musical - like the muted ticking of a clock on speed rather than a machine gun run thru a Marshall amp. They seem to roll well, I seem to accelerate quicker and the bike seems more comfortable. Of course, this could all be in my head as the last time I was on this bike I came off on black ice and fractured my pelvis.

I did not want to pay a huge amount as they would then be worth far more than the bike and all its bits! Cost was less than £ three hundred. A very happy shadow so far. Now, if I can just get the gear indexing adjusted, this bike will compete with 'posh bike' instead of running a distant second!

If interested, more (not very good) pix here.


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I've never had a bad wheel from DCR. Great wheels and great service.
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