In Praise of Lost Voice Guy


As promised Vernon.

Some of you may previosly have read me banging on about Lost Voice Guy.
Lee Ridley has cerebral palsy and can not speak. He communicates through his iPad, speak and spell programme. I've known of him for about three years. In February 2012 he did his first ever full solo show at the Leicester Comedy Festival, which Lu and I were glad to be at. Since then we have seen him perform again, have enjoyed a chat with him, and I have swapped several conversations on Facebook and Twitter, even to the point where he used ideas from one of our conversations in his Edinburgh show this year.

I am absolutely delighted to say that this afternoon Lee won the BBC New Comedy Award. Extra special because during his first Edinburgh run in August 2013 he almost died on stage. Really, he got pneumonia mid run and was in the intensive care unit for several weeks. Lee is a joy, fresh and different.

Look on Youtube for his late night act, here is some BBC friendly stuff:
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Love the T-shirt.:biggrin:
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