In the words of my wife...

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Free-wheeling into oblivion...
What a difference 3mm makes ;)

Went out for a ride after work last night and something didn't feel quite right... knees were sore and thighs burned after only a few miles.

Raised the saddle by a fraction (3mm) when I got home. All the aches and pains went away on the ride to work this morning :laugh:

Got home in a record time this evening too... 21 minutes for 5.7 miles = ~ 15.5mph average in rush hour. Takes longer than that in the flippin' car some days !

Dr Jon

New Member
Haha mate, its amazing how much that small amount of alteration can make. I am always tweaking my commuter to get it just right. I think I have had it spot on this year however. Even better now the brooks has seen a few thousand miles.
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