Inadvertantly scared the heck out of...


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...another cyclist. If you will cycle along the pavement and then hop straight on to the road in front of me (at a pedestrian crossing, but the lights still green, hasn't changed phase) then please, at least look first, make eye contact. I've probably seen you, and like today I'll have elbowed my way into the traffic to keep primary position, giving you space to get on to the road if you really want to. But if you don't look first, you'll probably jump right out of your skin when I go past you, and you'll do well to stay on (well done staying on, by the way).

Next time, look. Or, better yet, get the hell off the pavement and on to the road to begin with you stupid woman.


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I had a hiviz granny do this to me earlier this year, in Bromley. It was pretty unexpected, but I was riding wide enough to be able to avoid her. She did get a pretty strong blast on the airzound as she veered towards the road, I bet she got more of a fright than I did.
My gf did her degree in Cambridge - I am slowly training her to cycle properly! Also traffic round these parts is about as tolerant of the Cambridge Cycling Method as a caged lion that hasn't eaten for a week and has just been kicked in the nads. So I kinda want to teach her how to cycle properly before she gets killed!
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