Info wanted: Donohue Reynolds 531 ?


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Hi people,

Purchased a new vintage (I believe) road bike last week, and wanted to see if anyone had any information on what exactly it is, as I have trawled the web for "Donohue Reynolds 531" ad found hardly anything. This is my first step into the realm of road bikes, being a former MTB enthusiast. I have also included some additional specs below if it helps.


Any help would be much appreciated.

Rims- Mavic GP4 Tubeless
Tyres- Continental Giro's
Front/ rear hubs- Campagnolo
Forks- Reynolds 531
Skewers- Campagnolo


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can't help with info, but she's beautiful...


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Brakes and hubs often have a manufacturing date printed on them, which will roughly date your bike. I can't really tell from that photo but those brakes might have been replaced, so not original.


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Thanks for the responses guys.

I don't think the gears and brakes are originals however, as they seem to be Shimano. I was in two minds about selling her, but now I've done my research and had some positive responses i'm inclined to keep her ^_^

What are the factors i should be looking at when contemplating on getting clinchers? I will be riding on average 8-10 miles a day to commute to and from work.



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Nice bike. Shimano were producing in the late eighties so are probably original. The disadvantage of keeping the tubs is that they are a pain to repair and expensive to replace. Enjoy.


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This frame will have been made by Paul Donohue - you should find some info. if you google the name.

In his day, he was a top-level cyclist; iirc, he built both road bikes and MTBs.

Anything that I've ever read about them, suggests they are sought-after frames/bikes with an excellent reputation.


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I've got a Donohue frame - 531 ST, bought from Byercycles in '92 IIRC.
Perfectly good hand-built touring frame, I've been all over Europe on it.
I thing they were mostly sold just as a frame, so any idea of 'original' components is a bit moot.
As for the wheels - Shimano RS20 are pretty bomb-proof. Tdr1nkas RS20 wheel survived an impact that totalled the forks!! I've had no problems with R450 or RS30 wheels for everyday riding.
Or Open Pro handbuilt. Can't go far wrong with them.
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