Inner Tube Size


I have a tyre that is sized as 29 x 1.75. I have an inner tube that is stated on the box for tyres sized 29 x 1.9 to 29 x 2.3.

On paper the inner tube is just a touch too big for the tyre. However, my question is, does this matter? If so, why exactly?


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It will be absolutely fine. Using too large an inner tube does make it more likely that you will nip the tune when putting the tyre back on - so fit with care.


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You may find that if the tube is way oversize you may not only increase they risk of nipping it but it is possible for it to have to fold itsself over inside the tyre and then in time rub a hole in it's self it may take it awhile to do this but it is possible, so best thing is use one of the correct size or a slightly smaller one.
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