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Just call me Chris...
Evening all xx(

I bought some inner tubes at Decathlon last Weekend for my new bike which was delivered Monday.

I'm just fitting the saddlebag, getting all the tools together etc and I've realised I've bought the wrong size tubes. They're 700 X 18-25 and my tyres are 700 X 26c.
Will I get away with them or will they just fail ?

Decathlons a bit too far away just to exchange them, the petrol would cost more than the tubes :sad:


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Absolutely no experience of this, but i'd be surprised it they didn't work ok.

no doubt somebody on here will know tho...


Just call me Chris...
These aren't actually their cheapest "Blue product" range, but the next one up, so still pretty cheap.

If I get any problems I'll go back to the Michellins, only in the right size next time........
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