Installing a rear derailleur on 1984 Raleigh Stratos

Jim W

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Hi there

This is the first time I've used the forum. Can someone direct me to any videos of how to install a rear derailleur on my old Stratos. I should know I've been riding it for years but sent it away to be welded and can't remember how to rebuild!!!

Thanks Jim


How far have you got with it so far?
Is it attached to the frame?
Photos of the frame's rear ends and of the derailleur might help somebody to help you.


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I did a quick google for Raleigh Stratos and found a pic, of which this is an extract.

Just make it look like that.

Line the derailleur up so the "claw" is in line with the frame dropout, and attach using the small bolt (to the top left in the pic). Thread the chain through the pulley wheels so it takes up tension and then rejoin the chain with a quick link.
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