Insufficient privileges!

WTF is that meant to mean?

I was going to read Greedo's Gordon Jackson post and this appeared when I clicked on it:

It's the second time this has appeared in the last week or so!

I don't know how privileges are granted, or indeed earned; I made a small donation to CC last year and wondered if the 'meagreness' of my donation was not considered worthy of afore-mentioned 'privileges'!

Anyone else unworthy? :smile:


Cake connoisseur happens when a thread has been deleted and you're toooo slow to click on it! Must be your age if it's happened twice :smile:


My Armchair
User1314 said:
I got the same message.

I think it simply means you're not an administrator/mod.

I actually thought Greedo's post was funny. In a sick medic sense of humour sort of way.
I was quick enough and wish I wasn'txx( that story will have stopped anyone reading from donating their body to science-that's for sure.


just passin' through
lukesdad said:
You ll just have to stump up more cash next time, And get elected to the "House of Mods" :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

I'm happy to make another donation before long.

But I'm very particular about who's in my circle of friends (cue poor jokes about Ben Doone and Filmer cavity etc)! :smile: :sad:

Anyway, I prefer to stay on the periphery of things! :biggrin:
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