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I guess there's a few of us on here cycle to save money and stay fit? Only thing, I don't fancy being off work for a few weeks fighting insurance companies and wondering about my employers sick pay scheme...
Especially when I'm feeding 5 mouths
I've got the BC membership/insurance, but thats only 3rd party.
Do others have PI insurance that would help out in these situations? How much does it cost? What are the limiting factors?*
After my brush with WVM this am, it's got me wondering...
*I remember with my original mortgage there was some redundancy cover - but there was a limit of something like 80% of your salary that could be paid out, to stop people being better off redundant.


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I don't have any PI cover, mainly as I've got an OK sick pay system with my employer. My crash, at the time didn't lead to time off sick, but the resulting repair work two years later needed five weeks off work. No brownie points gained from making sure I got to work as soon as possible - my boss has been a pain ever since, and I soon knocked the pain meds on the head as they caused concentration issues (suffer pain, or have your boss on your back side for not being 100%).

Do check out your employers scheme. You would be entitled to losses from a third party, but that can take years to resolvce.
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