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Does your place of employment have an Internet Usage Policy? Mine does, and it prohibits me browsing, sending personal emails or posting at all during working hours except during my lunch break. If you are interested, it is at Annex 9 (page 75) at

Breaches of this policy can (and do) regularly result in disciplinary action being taken against the staff concerned. See attached link for official stand on personal use -

The reason I ask is that some posters here are absolutely prolific, maintaining a post count which I could not even match in verbal conversation in the office - I cannot see how you get any work done or get away with it sometimes!

Is it a case of a policy being in place but not enforced or are you basically allowed to do what you like?

I can understand if you are at home or self-employed, but if you work for an employed, how do you get away with it?


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We are only allowed to view the internet from noon until two in the afternoon, and it is very heavily policed! The women in lycra thread was a no no, and don't start me on emails:angry: Personal emails are a no go area and are blocked straight away and even important mail seems to disappear into thin air. That's what you get from an antiquated IT department:angry:

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As one of the self-employed who does a certain amount of work from home, internet usage can be severly restricted by things such as Jeremy Kyle, Trisha, Cash in The Attic and other nescessary distractions which a busy high achiever needs to keep abreast of.

It takes a lot of self-disciplin to keep away from the PC and concentrate on those important issues.


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No real restrictions here although there is a filter for porn, gambling is allowed though. I believe that there are ways of accessing porn if you are determined to. My job means that I am either full on or bugger all to do, so we can do what we want basically.


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Since the forum changed and I can't get on at work (until today that is) my post rate has plummeted. Still, it means that I have to do some work now.


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Nice one kdog!

Here - you're not allowed to use internet or email for personal uses.

There is tracking, and as long as you're not extracting the urine, you're OK.

Personally I do a bunch of stuff which means my computer has to think about it for 3-5 minutes solid, every 15 minutes. This has in the past taken up a third of my working time - so invariably I've been waiting for stuff to happen while posting....


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I don't have a's tracked, and meant to be used for work-related purposes, but I know I use it for personal stuff far less than many... and personal email etc is OK.
Can you get round the no personal email restriction (those that have such a restriction) by having a web-based account (googlemail, yahoo, hotmail, etc)? Just a thought.....


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if i get asked i'll say that i'm monitoring reaction to our client company's brand amongst a random sample of potential customers.

and when you have two screens and a powerful mac, you can post while it's doing something else at the same time :ohmy:


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Strange really... lack of trust by employers... some will hondootedly take the mick, but it's like saying don't go to the shops at lunchtime in case you're 2 mins late back....


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I 'work' in TV, so only 'work' when a programme I'm concerned with is on air.

Thus I have a lot of downtime......

I'm almost back onto the first page of post counts!


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My job involes either very busy or bugger all to do. Also, I can do an hours work and make it sound like it took all day.

Unfortunatley, a recent company takeover meant an email going round reminding everyone that the internet was for work, etc. So I have to keep my internet stuff till I get home.

Still, give it a couple of weeks.
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