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Hi, I am new to this forum, I have been mountain bikeing for a number of years but wanted something faster on the roads so I have bought a 2nd hand Btwin Triban 3. I have just collected it and gone on an initial 6 mile ride around my area so as to familiarize myself with the bike and if any issues I was never too far from home. Firstly the brakes need adjustment, I know its done through the cable adjuster on the side but they seem stiff, would a dab of grease on the spring mechanism help (I know not to put it on the brake blocks!), Secondly the gear change on these bikes is like nothing I have ever encountered before! my mtb has shimano levers on the bars and a gear number indicatior - this is easy to use but the derailleurs have never been right even from new, after puzzling how to change gear I realised that the front cog flick down was very stiff so I flirted a fingertip of grease into both, they worked well on the road - the only issue being when changing the front cog down from big ring to middle ring the initial change doesnt work, the 2nd flick puts the chain on the smallest ring so then I have to change back up again. Any suggestions? I had similar problems with the back derailleur on my mtb and tried to adjust that a few weeks ago to no success. Thirdly - the old owner claimed he had put a gel seat on, he may well of done but how rough is the ride! I am unfortunate to live in North Staffs where the roads are like packhorse tracks - will the wheels withstand the bumps? I will not be going over kerbs and if I were to hit one of the many craters I would prob be off anyway so will try and avoid. What do others do? Finally looking at the pedals they are not even sided and when I looked closer it appeared that they were shaped (not like my mtb pedals which are the same both sides) there is what looks like it might be a grip, and 2 recangular slots in the metal - I am thinking this might be for toe clips? If so I assume I will be able to get some online, can someone just confirm if my thinking is right on this.


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