Intro/question about roller diameter on Elite cycle trainers


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Hi there - this is my first posting here and I am aware it's a bit specialist, but never mind...

I am a recreational cyclist for many years - done the London to Brighton a few times, and try to ride the ten miles to work & back when I can. I'm reasonably fit for my age (53), I play squash, do a bit of running & swimming etc.

I have been thinking of buying a cycle trainer recently. I've never used a trainer before although two of my brothers, much keener than I, do so. I don't mind spending a few bob and and have been looking at the Elite Qubo Mag Fluid range. One aspect in which they vary across the range is the diameter of the 'Elastogel' roller. I think some are around 33mm diameter, and some around 45mm.

Now me being an engineer type of chap, I think that the larger diameter roller the better, by far. but I haven't heard much discussion about what difference this makes in practice. Can anyone offer any advice, or perhaps point me at an alternative forum where I might ask such a specialised question?

Thanks a lot
Jon N


In practice, the diameter of the roller makes no difference. There isn't much (if any) discussion about it because it is not a consideration when selecting a turbo. Compatibility, construction and resistance type matter - or even the size of the flywheel - but not a lot else.
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