Invent your own 'hero' name for a book/movie....

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Here the name 'Matt Petrol' as a name evolved....better than Jack Reacher IMO

I've often thought that if I were to write a book the hero or protagonist would be called Asparagus real idea where the inspiration came from...

So if you wanted a main character, hero/heroine, femme -fatal, investigator, whatever, what name would you choose to call them?



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Captain Thorax- he’s a superhero with amazing lung capacity

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The Ill Wind.


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Alf Tupper ,oh wait that was the 60's,He is still my hero.

He lived with his Aunt Meg in Anchor Alley, Greystone. The house had one room upstairs and one room downstairs; Alf's bed was a mattress on the kitchen floor. He was employed as a welder working in Ike Smith's welding shop which was located under a railway arch, his wages were £1 5s (£1.25p) per week of which he paid his Aunt £1.2s.6d (£1.12½p) for rent. This meant he had 2/6d (12½p) for himself. Following a bust up with his Aunt Meg, he moved into Ike Smith's welding shop, sleeping on a mattress by his workbench. Alf joined the Greystone Harriers paying a subscription fee of half a guinea; he was only a member of the Harriers for three weeks and was instructed to return his membership card by Bob Richards the Honorary Secretary, following an ontrack fight with Vic Mason in the 440 yards at the Greystone Harriers Sports meeting. Alf's staple diet was fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.[6]

What a man.
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