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I've got 2-3 iPhone apps for logging my rides, i seem to have issues with all of them regarding signal even though i get full mobile signal etc i know these aren't linked but even google map works fine in the same areas.

Currently, ive got Cyclemeter and Endomondo but neither are impressing me much.

Can any suggest another App or any settings which may need changing to get a better signal.




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You don't mention what generation iPhone you have Dave...

I have the iPhone 3GS running Cyclemeter and don't seem to have any major issues or complaints with it, the only thing as usual is the battery life of the phone when using the app, but you can't lay the blame at the app for that.


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Me to, if you use an iPhone 2g it only uses a triangulated signal so a very very rough guide to where you are, the 3g and 3gs use GPS which alot more accurate. I use Cyclemeter and it's fine for me.


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sarahpink said:
dont suppose you know if their are any blackberry applications at all that are worth downloading?
I use Sportypal, www.sportypal.com. It's pretty good. Again...switch it on, connect to the GPS, press start, stick it in your pocket and away you go. Upload your route when you get back. There's a load of others too. Endomondo works, MapMyRide, MapMyTracks, Sanoodi and more.


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right, where to start....

I've downloaded quite a few of the Iphone cycling App's and there are some very good ones out there.

The ones that stand out are:

MotionX GPS(Very good App, think they do a free version that you can try before you buy)

iMapMyRide ( another good App that you can also try before you buy)

B.iCycle (Another good App thats well wirth a download)

Endomondo as mentioned above.

Memory Map (Very very good App but a bit expensive though, £20. In my opinion, well worth te £20, probably would of paid more for it.

You will probably find loads more but the ones above, are, in my opinion, a few of the best.

Hope this helps you out fella.:becool:


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sarahpink said:
dont suppose you know if their are any blackberry applications at all that are worth downloading?
imapmyride can be used with a blackberry and is a good app for cycling;)
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