Ironman step up

Winter duathlons can be pretty good. The off road ones tend to be shorter but pretty intense. I'll be doing a few fell races/cross country races. 6-8 miles but I'l be running hard with some easy longer runs scattered about when I've time. You could always try the cycle hill climb races. These usually start when the TT season finishes.


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If you want to get quicker don't back off completely over the winter.
ride like your granny on the long runs
What he means, but is too polite to say is, find someone to go out with who is a lot slower than you are. I ride like a granny even though I'm not one (yet). Having said that, he does credit our rides out together with making him faster.


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In reply to first post,

It's a huge step - but achievable if you can put the time in
Road Bike - but don't limit yourself to Bolton, can't be doing with this 'only a real Ironman counts' there are plenty of fab Iron Distance races in the UK (be careful of calling all long distance races Ironmans or you'll be arrested.
Don't even think about a goal time, aim to finish.

Difficult one. Early or late sessions, hour at lunchtime?
Speedwork, not yet. You need the hours and hours of base training first.
Drop us a line if you'd like a bit of info on long distance programme (only done 4 of the buggers and hopefully not finished yet) but have a fair idea what works and what doesn't


just finished 2nd tri season (2 olympics and a sprint) and very much considering doing a middle distance event in 2013 with an ironman in 2014
The very same for me, I have set a goal to complete an Ironman before my 40th birthday which is Sep 2015, did a couple of sprints in 2012, Ive got 2 sprints and an Olympic down for this year in preparation for my first middle distance in August, really looking forward to training which starts properly next week including swimming lessons.
I'm thinking about joining a Triathlon club and a Cycle club to get experience in group training and for helpful advice.

Good luck everyone with you events and I'm looking forward to sharing story's
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