Is a city and guilds 2 equivalent to an A level?

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I don't know but in the early '80's when I did my C&G 'Advanced Craft' was supposedly equal to an A level.
An HNC was reckoned to be 2/5 of a degree.

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City and Guilds suggests to me a practical qualification for the world of work as opposed to an A level which is academic.

What subjects are we talking about?


You'd qualify for the new funding details are a bit patchy and it will have to be a course off an approved list which is not out yet.
It's supposed to be out early next month.


Thanks for the replies, I have C&G level 2 cycle mechanic certificate ( 2 week intensive course ) Just looking at getting A level funding off GOV
Level 2 is entry level for almost everything so you should be fine but is there not more vocational qualifications available?


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I was one of the first years when levels where abandoned at school . It went to GCSE's and at college city and guilds and NVQ's plus advanced .
It would be interesting to go for an A level now but i think i would have to grade the teacher on how he graded me :laugh:

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I have a City & Guilds in painting and decorating. Do i think of it as an A-Level? No.
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No, level 2 qualifications are not equivalent to an A level. Level 3 qualifications are considered the equivalent to an A level.

I have one currently.... I work in a job where the UK regulation for the industry still requires any manager to hold a fairly basic UK certificate for the sector, it's described as "Level 3 (job description) Manager" and that's equivalent to A level. It takes two weeks in a classroom, has an exam, and costs about 4 grand to study. The next one down is described as "Level 2 (job description) Supervisor". That's a 1 week course. There is also a level one, it's called "Level one (job description) operative / agent", and that's a 3 day course - so level 2 isn't quite entry level.

I do have 3 proper "2 year" A levels (Geography, Geology and Economics) earned in 1990, before anyone pokes fun. So there. 😄 And my GM and Director hold no qualifications in the role, but they're not in the UK so the regulation doesn't apply to them. It's a UK box ticking exercise.
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