Is anyone you know jinxed?

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Sh4rkyBloke, 3 Mar 2008.

  1. Sh4rkyBloke

    Sh4rkyBloke Jaffa Cake monster

    Manchester, UK
    My Wife is jinxed.

    No two ways about it. Holidays are planned and taken, and something always happens whilst we are there.

    As some examples:

    1. San Francisco (1989) - Biggest earthquake in a number of years hits the city. This was before I met her, so it seems that I'm not to blame for this phase in her life.;)

    2. Dominican Republic (1995) - Almost hit by a hurricane passing the island which was thought to be no danger at all...

    3. Kenya (1996) - Civil unrest and uprising whilst we were there

    4. Washington DC (and Fredericksburg, Va) (2002) - Washington sniper(s)

    5. Canada (2003) - Massive outbreak of West Nile diseased mosquitos spreading throughout the country

    6. Spain (2004) - Eta bombing of railway stations/trains

    Does anyone else know people like this?

    Is my Wife the reincarnation of Richard Burton in the Medusa Touch... is she willing these things to happen to spice up our mundane lives???

    Or is she, as I suspect, just letting me know that she controls everything, not just me. :blush:;)
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  2. yello

    yello Legendary Member

    Doesn't sound like she's jinxed to me! Rather blessed to have been in the vicinity of such incidents and survived! Luck is a matter of how you look at things.

    That said, I have a friend who does seem to attract an undue amount of bad luck - even by my 'half full' view!
  3. Nobody in particular but my marriage is. We have one major disaster (financial, personal, material etc) per year, but keep on getting through them! I suppose it's a good thing. Same goes for my brother actually. In fact, it's probably true of most people, come to think of it....
  4. barq

    barq Senior Member

    Birmingham, UK
    Has she given up going on holiday, because the world might be a better place if she did! ;)

    On a more serious note... (he says in a crunching segue worthy of Richard Madeley). My old manager Lee went on his honeymoon to New York. On the 10th Sept 2001 they had breakfast up the top of one of the World Trade Centre towers - 24 hours later they watched it collapse. Needless to say it spoiled the start of their marriage and in the midst of the human tragedy and political ramifications they found it very hard to express why it affected them so personally when other people kept telling them how 'lucky' they'd been. Weirdly he'd been on the reserve list for Big Brother so they nearly didn't go at all.
  5. stevenb

    stevenb New Member

    South Beds.
    Blimey....that is jinxed.
    Poor Sharky.
    I suppose you could say it can't get any worse????? ;)
  6. ChrisKH

    ChrisKH Veteran

    Yep. It is a signpost or indicator of the human condition. Only the young and lucky are impervious.
  7. curve

    curve New Member

    When I eat out with my brother his food always arrives with something wrong or missing.
  8. Landslide

    Landslide Rare Migrant

    Called to the bar
    I had a pair of jinxed jeans, seemingly incapable of passing a table of drinks without spilling someone's beer whenever I was wearing them.

    On the upside, it was never my beer!
  9. OP

    Sh4rkyBloke Jaffa Cake monster

    Manchester, UK
    Obviously he's a very lucky bloke - both avoiding the twin-towers collapsing and Big Brother!!

    I'll just add that since we've had kids the Holiday Jinxing seems to have died down a bit... or maybe it's just that we're too busy trying to entertain them to notice the state of the world whilst we're away! :tongue:
  10. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    Colleague of mine does a lot of work in the Philipines and Borneo, and whenever he goes to either, they seem to have an earthquake, or cyclone, or coup-etat.

    Actually, I wonder if he came back to Market Rasen last Tuesday night/Weds morning...

    Otherwise, I know someone who was sitting by the campus lake, and a goose landed on her head, and everyone said it was just the sort of thing that happened to her.
  11. Melvil

    Melvil Standard nerd

    My girlfriend was probably jinxed when a high-flying seagull shat upon her nice new top....twice in ten minutes.

    However I did literally wet myself laughing so she kind of got her own back
  12. curve

    curve New Member

    Isn't it meant to be lucky for that to happen?

    Or is it bad luck for it to happen twice by the same bird?
  13. OP

    Sh4rkyBloke Jaffa Cake monster

    Manchester, UK
    It's obviously bad luck for the bird as it seems to have the runs. :tongue:
  14. My family (mum, dad, me, my brother) could bring rain to the Sahara if we all went there together on holiday. It only works if all 4 are there, but we did it everywhere - 'Sunny' Hunny, Wales (obviously), Tenerife (raining as we landed), New York (tropical storm) and the best one, Dunwich, where the lighting was so close it knocked the TV aerial off the roof of the cottage and you could see the bolt hit the ground JUST outside the window.
  15. Aint Skeered

    Aint Skeered New Member

    Me, I don't seem to be very lucky in life( I did win a £2 record token in 1973 through) My dad summed it up by saying that if I fell into a bucket of tits, I would come out sucking my thumb!
    Mind you I do have a healthy and happy family, and can pedal quite fast as well, so lifes not all bad
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