Is this a *good bike for my needs*?

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  1. Newbietocycling

    Newbietocycling New Member

    I am planning to purchase this bike tomorrow!
    It's from an LBS and there is very little choice there, but I do want to buy my bike from there as there's nowhere else for absolutely miles i could get it serviced, and i have a voucher for the shop as i took back another bike which was unsuitable.
    Just a last minute check to get a second opinion really to make sure this bike will serve me well, and there's nothing i'm missing, as it is a HUGE amount for me to spend at £300, but I'll hopefully save it on bus fares!

    Will be using it:

    1) with a baby seat on back with heavy toddler in.
    2) up and down hills, but for the most part on roads, for a two miles commute every day
    3) I am 5'4'' lady and i've gone for the 15 inch model.

    thanks in advance for your help!

    if anyone can tell me some good features and some perhaps disadvantages of this bike i would be particularly grateful. B)
  2. jig-sore

    jig-sore Formerly the anorak

    don't really see why they have put a front suspension fork on that bike. your not really going to need it, it will be low spec at that price and it will just add more weight to the bike.

    apart from that, seems OK
  3. e-rider

    e-rider crappy member

    South West
    Almost certain that a baby seat will not fit on a 15" frame without an extender bracket - depends on brand/model though.

    The style of the bike is OK for your needs and it comes with mudguards and rack which will save you having to spend extra money.

    The suspension forks are un-necessary but .....

    If it's a lot of money to you make sure you allow for a decent D-lock in your budget.

    There are a huge number of bikes available at this price point - claud butler wouldn't be my first choice but I'm sure it'll be fine.

    Most important, is make sure it's the correct size and that the shop have done a good job of setting it up for you and that everything works perfectly.

    Note: The 'classic' is £300 but without the suspension forks (cheap suspension forks are a waste of time) - I'd go for the classic.
  4. Yellow Fang

    Yellow Fang Guru

    Agree about the suspension forks being unnecessary. I'm not sure all bicycle racks are cleared to carry baby seats. I think there's some standard they have to pass (not sure though).
  5. OP

    Newbietocycling New Member

    Fabulous detailed answers, thank you both.

    The problem is the shop doesn't have the "classic" in stock. Only this one, and one more that's £40 cheaper without any suspension even in the seat post, and one that's £100 cheaper with only three gears - this is no use to me as it's so hilly round here!

    I wish I had the choice of shopping elsewhere and looking at a wider range, but I really don't. Will make SURE to get a good lock, GREAT POINT - Thank you - i have experienced the horror of losing a bike to thieves but had hardly thought about it this time as i'm so concerned about the bike!

    I personally like the feel of suspension forks, have never owned a bike without, but a quick google shows me i seem to be alone in this preference!! I am not a very experienced rider, well haven't cycled much in the last four years, and a bike without any suspension makes me feel nervous to cycle, for some reason. Am I really alone in liking the feel of it? If it will make it harder to get up hills I'll def. consider getting the cheaper one....

    As for the suspension surely with a baby on the back he will feel jolts less if I have suspension? He makes it alot heavier....

    thanks againx x
  6. OP

    Newbietocycling New Member

    wouldn't the baby seat fit on the pannier rack?
  7. GazK

    GazK Senior Member

    Can't Mr LBS order one in for you? People happily rode bikes without suspension for 100 years - that's the reason bikes come with pneumatic tyres. The suspension fork weighs more, and it will be your legs pulling that extra weight up the hills. As others have said, at this price point its a marketing gimmick.

    Regarding baby, your suspension is on the front wheel, and your baby will be sitting over the back wheel, so it won't make any difference to his comfort.

    Also, suspension seat posts are rubbish. I have one on my bike, and it makes no difference to the bumps I feel / dont feel (I know this because I have wound the adjustment up and down). As soon as I spot a conveniently cheap replacement I will be getting shot of it.

    Trust Mr Dunlop, he's never wrong!
  8. e-rider

    e-rider crappy member

    South West
    Most baby seats such as the Hamax ones have their own fixing brackets and don't require a rack. This rack is not designed or made to carry a baby seat so don't use it for that. Hamax make seats from about £35 and they are really good. However, they are difficult to fit to small framed bikes so you often need a special longer arm bracket. Look up Hamax website - the 'kiss' is a good seat - I have one.

    As for the forks, it's not that suspension forks are not good; it's a case of cheap suspension forks are not good. To get a decent set that are worth having you'd need to spend £200+ just for the forks! The forks on this bike will be worth about £40 and will not work well - that's why people say you'd be better off with normal solid ones.

    Get the bike shop to help you with the child seat and suggest Hamax as a brand. It goes without saying that the child seat needs to fit well for safety reasons so if in doubt always seek advice before using it.
  9. bauldbairn

    bauldbairn New Member

    +1, Don't rush into it - cheap suspension forks/seats are a waste of money. The "classic" looks a better buy, ask the shop to order you one in.

    +1, I'm not sure all rear racks are up to carrying children.

    Ask the shop for advice on this before you buy it.

    Good luck with whatever you buy and I hope you(and your toddler) enjoy your cycling. :ohmy:
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