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Hi There,

Been searching for an upgrade bike and have been offered a bike but being a novice in terms of buying a decent bike, am unsure and don't want to make a mistake.

I have tested this and the Genesis Equlibrium and the Kinesis feels amazing to ride and so much better than the Genesis......

The Spec is


105 Levers
105 Brakes
105 Chainset
105 Front Mech
Ultegra rear mech
Kinesis RC2 Frame 2009

I have been told that the bike is a 2009 model and last year was selling at £1599, they have offered it to me for £1000

Sorry for the basic questions...........




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There are several people on here who ride Kinesis RaceLight frames (HLab and Magnatom off the top of my head, no doubt there are others) they seem to like them. 105 running gear at £1000 is a bargain, and as you enjoyed your test ride, you'd be a fool not to buy it... :whistle:


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I concur. When I was looking for a bike last year I was quoted £1200 for 105 on a racelight frame.


I bought the Racelight TK last spring as a replacement for my old Ribble. It is excellent and if I am honest - much better than a winter bike / commuter. It is light enough for me to use on the club runs. But most important is the general feel of the bike. I had a fast dual carriageway on my Edinburgh commute, slightly downhill and I used to take the roundabouts fast. On the Ribble, I would get a little skip when really pushing it hard. On the Kinesis, it would take a much more accurate line when leaning over at speed. I like it and can certainly recommend the build quality of the Kinesis frames.
My experience is limited, but the Tk I have is a nice machine. Much nice to ride than the ribble I have. It just seems to be able to deliver the power better. Your deal seems good. Go for it! :ohmy:
By way of an example, a brand new 2010 Trek 2.5 with an Ultegra drivetrain has an RRP of £1500, which obviously is a better equipped bike. Factor in that the Kinesis is a year old model and you have an idea of the deal you are being offered. That said, if you enjoy the ride of the RaceLight then that is a major plus. For my money, and all things being equal, the Kinesis offer is good but I'd still try to haggle it down some more.


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I would also say a good deal but not a bargin.

You can get a 2010 Trek 2.1 with 105 kit for £950 but you are getting a better frame and rear mech with this one.

May be worth giving a few others a ride to really size up your options.
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