Is this the most comprehensive guide to cycling and the law?

Portland in Oregon is reckoned to be about the most cycle-friendly city in the USA.

Although it's a wonderful document, all it's doing is simply putting into 1 place all the legislation that covers bike use, and also laws concerning cars and car drivers where their actions might affect cyclists, such as a car driver opening a car door without looking if another road user is coming up behind. I should think the UK has a similar volume of overall legislation, but sadly it's all a bit pointless if the police won't prosecute for all the transgressions done by car drivers.


What’s the point
Cycle craft? It's full of what they say is best practice and applicable legislation.
its all well and good having the legislation, but if the police are let down by the CPS and prosecutions are not forthcoming, or the police decide that the CPS won't bother so they won't bother doing anything, then its all just a moot point isn't it.
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