Is this the ugliest factory-produced bike ever?

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Following on from a chat in the 'Fixie' section, can anyone come up with an uglier specimen than this Langster 'London'? I like Speshs but what the hell were they thinking?

It should only be available from the tourist tat stands outside Tottenham Court tube - along with teddy bears dressed as Beefeaters.

Paticularly like the Keirin bar wrap on the drops. But none on the tops-where the brakes are.

And check out the script on the chain stay, "God Save the Queen" egads!

The only person who could feasibly get away with riding this is Austin Powers.


Aye - I don't really like Specialised's idea of making 'regional' langsters in different colours, forms etc. It smacks a bit of the HSBC's massively patronising 'local bank' adverts.


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Whilst yer average reactionary roadie might consider the limited edition Langster to be asthetically challenged, for truly ugly bikes that only their designers could ever love, you need to take a look at fully-suspended mountain bikes. :biggrin:

Ladies and germs, I give you... the Whyte PRST!

Now that's what I call an ugly bicycle.

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
Did it work ? (... the Whyte PRST! )

Certainly did. With one small exception. Just above the front tyre, where the lower wishbone joined the 'fork', there was a small rose joint bushing that allowed both the steering and suspension movements. It was a lot of work to be done by a small component and as a result it lasted no time at all. And I mean no time at all - some replacement bearings had play in them from new!

Worst of all, it was a pressed fit, so everytime one was changed (monthly in winter) the fit got sloppier and sloppier. Despite several factory upgrades to the part, it was a problem that was never resolved and in the end, the constant hassles with this weak link, totally destroyed the enjoyment of owning what was otherwise, an excellent bike. I guess BMW use a slightly more robust version on their GS 1200 bikes.

Eventually I gave up with it, stripped it of its good parts and raided the 'bitza box' in the garage to make it a single speed rigid hardtail for the kid next door. He's 'king of the hill' with what is now quite a funky bike.


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It's horrible, and it'll probably make people fall off, or rather, get pushed off by disgusted others......


I believe it to be a lifestyle choice.


Gandalf said:
It looks much better in the flesh, IMHO.

No it looks much WORSE in the flesh. I saw one last week and asked the shop if they were trying to stop people from coming in by putting it in the window.

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Hmmmmm, and no comment from Bonj yet about it being a death trap?
Ohhh Bo-oooonj, wakey wakey. We got some nice pics for you to look at.:biggrin:


zimzum42 said:
I don't reckon you'll ever need to lock it up, unless you leave it outside the blind centre.......

Blind Centre??? Do you get these in London then?

I think even the blind will avoid this bike!
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