Is this worth buying?


I tried a bike with sora (9 speed I think). And apart from the button thing on the levers, the shifting wasn't that different from the ultegra I use every day. Gears shift, brakes work, nothing fell off or broke etc etc.
BTW: Don't know if you've shopped around yet, but it's cheaper at Ribble, and the triple is cheaper still. (out of stock though).


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I would say no, for 3 reasons...

1-Seems a bit pricey, sora can usually be had for about £30 lower. See ribble but they are out of stock at the moment
2-There is a new version of sora coming out (its already on some showroom bikes) which has the double lever, rather than the "mouses ear" setup.
3-For £40 more than your original budget yo could get the new 10 speed Tiagra...
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