Is tube too big.....

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Was out on the Boardmn CX today riding to Bosham and back, just a twenty miler. I had a puncture just as I arrived at Bosham. I hadn't bought any new tubes and the only tube I had on me was a 32 I put that on and got to the nearest lbs at Fishbourne and asked for three tubes 700 x 35

I was given Schwalbe 28 700c which are compatable with 700 x 35 up to 42 Now when I went to change one the tube seemed bigger than the wheel. I have to admit I am useless at basic bike repair but is it me or is the tube too big.:blush:


A 700x35-42 tube in a 700x35 tyre is fine.
If your tube is on the large size, you have to take a bit of extra care to make sure the tube isn't pinched between the rim and the tyre bead when you fit it, but on the plus side a larger tube is a bit more puncture resistant.
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