Isle Of Man (Saturday 26 September 2015)


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I've been going to the TT for years, been round the course on my M/C and 911...great but never done it on one man power yet but its got to be done, we are thinking of going over with the bikes and taking in the Southern 100 M/C racing down in Castletown this year, brilliant place the IOM, get yourself over and do it, and by the way when you've finished it get yourself down to the Creek in Peel and get a good meal, the hot seafood platter is Yum ,and if you have a large appetite get the large fish and chips, but be aware it is LARGE......:cheers:


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Thanks for the advice on food.

I have a friend that lives in the Isle of man, will be staying at his for a few days, maybe a week. Im sure the Creek in Peel could be one of the places we will visit
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