Isle of Man


There is an article in this months Cyclist I think (may be in Bikes etc) about the iom although it's mostly about riding the TT course.
Anyone toured the I O M and can pass on tips and resource information?
The Isle of Man has some lovely cycling if you get the weather, but that's a fairly long shot. My only advice would be not to go under any circumstance during TT Week (and possibly not during the time of the Southern 100s either). The lanes will be full of people who don't know the roads screaming about on motorbikes and you'll struggle to find accommodation. Make sure you get down to the south of the island to look towards the Calf of Man. You might see some seals. The castles at Peel and Castletown are worth a look. And grab a kipper butty in Peel and wash it down with a Davison's ice cream.


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Barclays bank sent me there for a week with a view to me working on their offshore accounts on a permanent basis. I lasted 4 days before I fought my way back onto the ferry. The place is a time warp. But I bet it is nice for a few days cycling if it is sunny.
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