It happend...clipless moment.


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Not the average clipless moment though.

I was cycling along the canal from the tame vally junction to salford junction. Just after I crossed the bridge ove the m5 the towpath deteriorated into a well worn trench about 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep. I must have startled a crow from its roost as it shot out at me.

I wobbled and being in the trench bounced off the sides and went down.

Good thing is no one saw me... Except everyone in the m5/m6 traffic jam. :sad:


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It would've been a lot funnier if you fell in the canal...try harder next time. :sad:


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i managed to have one on the way to a chain gang t'other day, very embarassing

worn out pedals/cleats so my left foot pulled out going up a section of 20% hill and i just couldnt clip back in or pedal one footed, down i went and o how i chuckled...


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Up North
I come off infront of a school bus full on kids. Needless to say much banging on windows and howls of laughter!
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