It has happened!


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In this day and age of lunacy political correctness am not at all surprised it ended up in court.

Big Bren

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It's political correctness gone mad.
That's an interesting angle for the Daily Mail; they should perhaps print more stories to illustrate that political correctness has indeed, gone mad.

I mean, what's the world coming to when a man can't make innocent racist jibes to people in the street, without having to face the consequences?!


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Interesting that the 'English' part of the 'English bitch' insult is what allows them to take it to court. Surely 'Bitch' is Speciesism which I would've thought should be a greater crime than racism?


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Is it racist because he used the term 'English' to intend insult? If so, shouldn't this be an action brought by someone English not Welsh? She has no right to be insulted!

I'm confused. It's so tricky knowing how to correctly use racist insults.
Instead of going around in disguise and speaking that 'foreign' language, why doesn't she adopt her 'own' language so anyone else won't make the same mistake of thinking she was English, and would immediately be able to see she is indeed a stupid fukking Welsh bitch!

I'm NOT anti Welsh, just anti STUPID people and rules!
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