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handsome joe

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Is it me or do a lot of cyclists in London behave like White Van drivers. Sadly my daily cycle to work takes me bang into the moronic hordes, that can put two fingers on a keyboard at the same time, heading towards their powerful jobs, a la Canary Wharf.

i would like to let off some stand back.

I have cycled for pleasure and pain in London for years but it's funny (not Ha! Ha! funny) how selfish people have become on their bikes. My commute takes me pass Canary Wharf and along the Regents Canal.

Now here is the rant.........i am sick and tired of having to be one of a few cyclists that stop and give way. I finding myself more and more over time having to suddenly brake and think about nice things at bike traps, traffic lights, canal tunnels, gates, stairs, bridges blah blah blah. Because some bloke covered head to foot in Lycra and sporting a mask plus glasses the SAS would be proud of is hurtling at me clocking 100MPH while looking straight through me. I occasionally shout 'this is not a gym'! But i don't know if they hear me over the latest Britney on their MP3's.

PLEASE, i know you've got a super duper, light as a feather, made from solid Tittybummiam mean machine between your legs but i don't need to see your arse rushing past me at rocket speeds........i cycle not swim home along Regents Canal.

Rant over.
Feel better.
Cycling isn't as enjoyable as it used to be for me due to these moronic idiots.


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Salford, UK
Well said joe! It's not just cycling I think, or London, the number of times I stand back in a doorway and get ignored, or end up stepping into the gutter to avoid a posse of folk coming towards me on the pavement, none of whom think to move over just a little.

Of course, there is the odd nice moment - the old politeness paradox, when you both say "you first" and end up laughing about it, but the fact that they are so noticeable makes me think they must be the minority.

Ps. How handsome are you? :thumbsup:


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Sadly, sounding like an old git, general politness in society is at a low ebb and this just translates into behaviour on the road. My only hope is that good manners and toleration come back into fashion


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Its the little impolite things that bother me. Like when you get to the junction, sit in the middle of the stop box, another cylist arrives next to you, maybe a third too, and the nest one goes straight through the red light you're waiting at and sits in front of you. In no context, in no circumstances, in no way is that decent behaviour, but its a daily event here :blush:
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