It's a sign of the End Time, I tell you...

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Married to Night Train
Salford, UK
Spain's having a little furry plague:

Thing is...

Voles are in fields of potatoes.
Spaniards burn fields
Voles: "Eeek!" <scuttle, scuttle, scuttle>

Result? A village or town full of very angry dispossessed voles, and a field of baked potaoes...

Besides, everyone knows, the voles have the hamsters on their side,and as we've mentioned before, you don't get on the wrong side of a hamster... ETA will seem like a picnic...

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
it could be worse there was a town(s) in China plagued by millions of rats the were driven off some flooded Islands, saw it on the TV and it gave me the shivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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