It's an illness!


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So, my wife is kinda/maybe wanting to try and join me on a few bike rides. She's a bit wobbly so for now it will probably be the new Preston Guild wheel which looks very safe and a friendly 21 miler.

My first thought was to buy her the Triban3 as it has great reviews but also it's a triple and as my wife will need a 56cm, the same as me, I will be able to use it on the Cat&Fiddle later this year as I'm still finding the hills tough going!

Yet, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to kit. If I'm going to an organised ride, part of it is looking at other bikes and being at least a little bit proud of the bike I'm on. Yeah, I know, it's probably why I end up at the back all the time! But still...

I've got about £450 max but I keep looking at the Ribble Sportive 7005 which with a Tiagra Triple is £700 brand new...then there is a Colnago Ace 105 triple which has 40% off at only £1350...I could have that and my wife have my Spec Allez Elite!

If only I had the's an illness.


Its not the bike that matters...............or so i thought:tongue:
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