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Disappointed...thought you had a new bike.

I picked that up 3 weeks ago. Charge Mixer. Lovely, comfortable bike. Though you'd know that as it's the same frame as your Charge Plug.
Moodyman said:
Will load onto PC and post in the Gallery section next couple days
The pic I saw on t'internet it looks very similar?
Has it got bull horn bars?

Those bull horn bars are license for cabbies to drive that slightly bit closer because they think you are a courier?:biggrin:


Cycling in the sun
Yeah ... its been lovely today... I risked shorts this morning and my legs and arms have been soothed by lovely warm sun all day long. My sun hats are still up in the attic as with my flip flops etc... so I need to do a raid fairly quickly in case this is the only chance to wear them.


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:biggrin: I work in a cave windowless office (to the outside world, anyway) and have caught glimpses of some sunshine when I get the chance to see out of a real window. But 15 minutes before leaving the office, the cloud pushes in and I miss it completely on my ride home :biggrin: I'll get you next time, sun :biggrin:


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East Sussex
These sort of things should come with a government health warning. What tends to happen is the met office say there is warm weather on its way, they are only referring to temperatures and not rainfall. A lot of people tend to get sucked in to thinking that if it is warm it is automatically sunny. The two are not mutually exclusive.
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