Its not NACA that is the issue, just the same small few

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The subject was the American habit of commercialising everything for profit. I cited sexuality as DC Comics had revealed that Robin was gay in August and now the son of superman's sexuality again for profit. I also cited if Catholicism suddenly trended upwards, Batman will come out as Catholic. All in the very first post.

Nothing political, just crass commercialisation for profit. Then one bright spark starts ranting about homophobia. Clearly the part about Batman turning Catholic was inconvenient.

I am not at all surprised that the thread was locked and rightly. So it not politics or current affairs. All it takes is a misguided individual to derail a thread, any thread. I guess the rest of us have to pay the price for a select few and repeatedly.

To be honest, the other forum is indeed a benefit as it has become a sacrificial anode for CC. I should count my blessings.


Obviously an Aubergine
The thread title was a bit of a give away Tbh.

And the 'is nothing sacred'?


But yeah why not pretend it was all about those terrible Yanks and their blatant commercialism??

But it's not just 'Americans' who jump on bandwagons for the sake of profits, is it really.?? .


You will have seen this posted in a number of threads which are deemed to be News, Current Affairs and Politics:

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