It's not Rocket Science...

Dave5N said:
...but apparently Bonj has a degree in physics.

from the University of Wibble-Hatstand?

rich p

ridiculous old lush
Bonj I like, let me say that straightaway, but why they bothered inventing the internet when he already knows everything is beyond me!


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See "Dr" Gillian McKeith!


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alecstilleyedye said:
that reminds me, how was it that the foreign students had good enough english to study in sheffield, but not enough to read the "10 copies or fewer" sign over the photocopier whilst they copied the big print edition of the works of shakespear?
When I went to university the vast numbers of Norwegian students there were fluent in English but most of the native English students were so awful that we all had to endure remedial English classes to get them to the level where they could write simple reports!
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