Its so much harder with the wind behind me.


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I head out on my morning commute. The wind is blowing hard in my face, and there is no chance of a good time. Futhermore, I'm going to be facing this wind for some time, and unlike a good hill, is not going to give up. So I slow down, conserve my energy, and just resign myself to a long struggle. No point busting myself to get to work in a little shorter time. After all, I have a full day's work ahead of me.

However if the wind is behind me, I notice in the first few pedal strokes that my legs feel so much stronger, the bike so much livelier and the ride so much more fun. So I see how hard I can push, how fast I can go, and how many records I can break. Every stage is a personal Strava segment to beat myself on. The more tired I get, the faster I have gone, the more elated I feel, the faster I can go. I arrive at work hot, out of breath, and needing a quick recovery period just to climb the stairs to my office.

So when I have the wind behind me, the commute is so much harder. Am I alone?


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Yes. Try hard into the wind, and hard with it behind
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