It's that time of year again...


When I start to think I need a new bike (not that I ever buy one).

But this time..... my l.h. shifter is literally falling apart, my jockey wheels look like death stars, cassette won't last with another new chain, rear mech has a crack in the cage, front mech is corroded. But the 2002 steel frame fits and I like it.

So while I look at some rather nice carbon bikes between £1000 and £1700 (upper limit!!), it seems there's something I would change on all of them. Aksium wheels, 105 cassette, no name calipers etc etc

I'm wondering if I might be better off buying a good set of wheels, and upgrading the worn parts.

Frame is an '02 853 Lemond Alpe He Huez. As standard except for Aksium wheels, FCR 700 Compact chainset, and Ultegra calipers. New shifters, mechs, chain & cassette will be needed soon, new wheels would be nice.

New bike or upgrade ? What do you think?


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Upgrade and a new bike !! Need you ask !


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Definitely go for the group-set and wheels myself.
Either Record or Dura Ace would be around £6-700.

New wheels, £500-ish depending on your choice.

Possibly a respray as well at some point could be in order?
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