It's the little disappointments...

Sometimes it's just the little disappointments. Being a big grapefruit fan and occasionally willing to stray from the dark brown liquid gold that is Marmite, I was really excited to see grapefruit marmalade in my local supermarket. Of course I had to get some -I was really looking forward to my toast this morning....

Yeah, just tastes the same as a very orangey or tangerine type of marmalade. Really disappointing, I don't even think I could taste the grapefruit in it (back to ginger and lime marmalade for me then.)



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Why not combine the two you do like?
  1. Pop a slice of bread in the toaster
  2. when toast is done butter it and spread on some marmite and top it with a generous helping of marmalade!
What can I say? I as blinded by the grapefruits.
As quoted try making a batch of marmalade to you own taste.

Wouldn't of thought it would be time intensive.
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In retrospect, I was completely taken in by the marketing gimmick of including the word "grapefruit" in the product title.

To confirm, it was too sweet, but over here they tend to add too much sugar to everything (it's why I have to buy at a considerable cost British Heinz baked beans!).

If I get time I should try making my own grapefruit marmalade.


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Consumers are suckers for fancy names; it's especially prevalent in the fragrance industry where I work. Show a customer a bog-standard cheap lemon and name it "Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot" or an everyday aquatic and call it "Sea salt and kelp" and the customer will sniff it and rave about the smell. The South Africans are especially receptive to fancy names.
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