ITV4 tonight

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Ivan, I'm somewhat out of touch with what TV coverage available this year.

Is ITV 4 the place to be for the full 3 weeks then :blush:


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Friday, July 6 18.30-20.30 Team presentation/launch live
Saturday, July 7 14.45-19.00 Prologue live
Sunday, July 8 10.30-16.10 Stage one live
10.50-11.50 Stage one live (ITV1)
15.15-16.00 Stage one live (ITV1)
19.00-20.00 Stage one highlights

British Eurosport
Friday, July 6 19.00-20.30 Team presentation/launch live
Saturday, July 7 14.15-19.00 Prologue live
2100-2200 Prologue highlights
Sunday, July 8 09.45-16.00 Stage one live
21.00-21.45 Stage one highlights
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