I've been painting again


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Back to rallying again, and a homage to one of my favourite competition cars, KKV 444V. Henri Toivonen / Antero Lindquist, Talbot Sunbeam, 1980 Mintex Rally, 12x8 inch pen & watercolour.

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Lovely, great job.

And this has brought back memories. My uncle had one of these cars, and him and my aunt took me on holiday in it in about 1983. Minus the rally trim obvs.

They were more like grandparents to me. Happy times *sigh*


Well, what's a girl to do in lockdown except paint? Been playing around with some new ideas, namely adding coloured pencil over watercolour paint to give the colours a bit more "pop" - which is what I've done with the second painting. Both pieces 10 x 7 inches on langdon's hot pressed paper.

Jaguar XJR-14 (pen & watercolour)

Pickup Trucks @ Rockingham (mixed medium)

The truck painting is my tribute to Pete Stevens (#4), who sadly passed away recently from Covid 19. The other trucks are #22 Nic Grindrod, #2 Dave Briggs and #98 Ant Hawkins. Worked from one of my own photos.


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After all the time l have been following Cycle Chat, it is only now that l have discovered the creative Painting thread (all down to Reynard and her work ) . After some hesitation l thought "ok, why not" .....
This is as a result of my fascination with light.....kitchen foil and large sheet of plywood.

Another large sheet of ply but this time felt tip pens ...The ballet is "Checkmate"

A very small pencil drawing as a thank you to a friend ....

My latest for a post Coronavirus "what have you been doing during lockdown" here in Goujounac.
Yes folks it's little old me in front of a Piet Mondrian pastiche (sorry Piet)


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I particularly like the pencil drawing of a pierrot @woodbutcher :okay:

Thanks for sharing, it's always fabby to see what other people are doing xxx
6B my favourite pencil ^_^


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I've long been aware of Andrew Loomis's head-drawing methodology, but I've always struggled with it. But I'm determined... So, as a way of working towards finally gaining some understanding of this method I've been working through his very basic "Fun With A Pencil" book. It's a very basic primer on drawing - kind of cartoony stuff to start with. I see that in a few chapters time I will hit that full blown head-drawing methodology again, but in the meantime I'm using his simple opening method (basically draw a circle and fill the appendages in!). Here's my first effort at drawing in a year - a charcoal John Lennon.


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Another few bits and bobs. I've been making time to do something, if not every day, then most days, rather than just painting occasionally as I've been wont to do in the past.

Male nude (Coloured pencil on Daler Murano paper)
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"Apogee" Derek Warwick leading the 1989 Canadian GP (mixed media)
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LMS Ivatt class 2MT loco 41312 at Alresford Station (mixed media)
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I never knew @Drago had such big toes.....
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