Jackson Bridge Hill Climb


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Thanks to Jamesxyz for pointing this climb out after I posted about having made it up Holme Moss earlier this week! I decided (maybe not the best idea an hour after a couple of burgers and a beer) to go for a spin and wouldn't you know it, before long I had arrived at the bottom of Jackson Bridge and was looking up at Cheesegate Nab wondering...it's 155m up in 1.5km or 537' in 1 mile, nasty.

With this heat I wasn't a pretty sight by the top. Had to stop briefly by the bench to ditch my helmet and specs cos I couldn't see out for sweat pouring down the inside of them but got straight back on it. It's much worse than I remember when driving up it, not much respite is there? Afraid I was too sh**ged out to do anything other than glance at the Russian tank in the field at the top as I passed.

Sat on the wall at the top for a while and recovered. I don't think I've experienced a full body stitch before ;) It was very nice to realise that it was downhill all the way home!
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